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Because it’s hard to get started! Because you are busy and sitting down to write blog articles just doesn’t fit into your schedule. Let us help you with some quality articles written for you. 

Here is an easy way to get started:

  • Professionally-written 400 – 500 word blog articles that each come formatted with two or more full-size design images.
  • Topics are chosen to appeal to homeowners and include home design tips, trending color and décor choices, new home products, DIY home organization and maintenance.
  • Each article is updated to include your keywords and phrases, including your target city or county.
  • Each article will have keyword-rich headings, searchable product and/or brand names and suggested description and tags.
  • Your blog articles can be uploaded to your website, used as email newsletters and posted to your social media.
  • This is original content and exclusive to your local market and industry. 

Purchase individually or save money with a monthly subscription or 6-pack! Email me for a price list. 

These titles are written and ready to purchase:

Is Your Home Getting Smarter?

If you thought keeping up with smartphone technology was challenging, what about your gadgets at home? From LED lights that shut off when you leave the room to sensors that alert you to problems with your plumbing, brainy home applications are emerging on the market. Are you ready to tell your washing machine to start and stop from the comfort of your couch? Or light the porch and open the windows to let some breeze in through the use of a free app on a smartphone or tablet? 

Smart home devices are quickly evolving to provide peace of mind to users. They are making San Antonio homes safer, conserve energy, lower maintenance costs and generally make life more comfortable. 

Kitchen Remodeling Decisions for a Timeless Kitchen – Part 1

We all love following the kitchen remodeling trends, and it is tempting to jump into a remodel with the latest colors and textures at the top of our wish lists. Unfortunately, the backlash is that you may end up with a look that is dated down the road and “remodeler’s remorse” when the style that you loved this year shows itself to be another passing fad just a few years later.

The reality is that most homeowners only do a major kitchen remodel one time.  Keeping that in mind, you really want to do it right for your style of living and the resale value of your home. If you do, you could recover about 67% of this investment into your kitchen when you sell your home.

So here are a few of the decisions that you will be making as your plan your kitchen remodel. These considerations will help you make choices that will help your kitchen retain its beauty, marketability, and value — all while giving you enjoyment and flexibility for updates for decades to come…

Kitchen Remodeling Decisions for a Timeless Kitchen – Part 2

We know that you might only face a complete kitchen remodel once in the lifetime of your home. This is a big investment in money as well as time, and we know from a designer’s perspective what the big design choices will be and some of the answers to give a kitchen you will love for years to come. We will continue our discussion of this topic with your choices for countertops, tile, and storage including a kitchen island. #4: Carrara Marble for Countertops: Here the Carrara marble pairs beautifully on an island with a black ganite on the other countertops. It is a timeless classic that’s been used in homes for thousands of years..) It’ll look as good in the next millennium as it does now…

Windows of Opportunity – The Beauty of Energy Efficient Window Treatments

If you’ve ever felt that paying excessively high energy bills month after month is like throwing hard-earned money out the window, you may be right. With energy costs on the rise, there’s no better time to consider installing energy efficient window coverings that can cut those costs, and add an enviable decorative flair to the interior of your home…

Media Hype for Your Home Theater – Decorating tips to create your awesome media room

It’s no secret that the cost of movie tickets these days has sky-rocketed. You only hope that after shelling out close to twenty dollars per person at the local multi-plex that the movie you’ve selected is beyond fantastic. Many theaters now provide cushy seating, full menus, and some even serve wine. The beauty of having your own home theater is that you can have all the above, without ever having to leave your house. Luckily, creating a dedicated media space in your home is easier than you think, and lots of fun to design and to decorate…

Your Interior Designer – 3 Tips to prepare for your first meeting

Congratulations! You’ve decided to hire an interior designer or decorator to give your home the beautiful polished look that only a professional can provide. By now you’ve selected a designer, seen their gallery of work on their website, you’re confident they’re perfect for the job, and you’ve picked a date for your first meeting. But you’ve never collaborated with a home design professional before and you don’t know what to expect. These simple tips can make your first meeting fun and productive, which will save you time and money as you move ahead…

House of Blues – The emotional benefits of decorating with the color blue

Whether you’re selecting the main color or the accent color, deciding the perfect interior color for your home can sometimes be a daunting task. Before long you’re buried in a mountain of paint samples, color fans and photos you’ve ripped from every interior design magazine ever published. You call your best friend for help. Do you go with your favorite color of burnt orange? Or last year’s “hot trend”? Making that decision may be easier than you think. Learning a little about color, and the emotions it communicates may cause you to seriously consider blue to be your new BCF (best color forever)…

Motorized Window Shades – How smart are they?

The 1989 movie “Back to the Future 2” depicted life as it would be this year, but how accurate was it? Drones, automation and biometric identification are increasingly a part of our lives today. They got that right. But there was something missing; highly intelligent window shades fully capable of anticipating our needs, and creating perfect ambiance in our homes via a wireless device. Apparently even Hollywood couldn’t fathom that one, but it’s here…

Laundry Room Haven – How to transform your laundry room into a luxury room

Let’s face it, most of us dread any amount of time we have to spend in our laundry room. Is it because sorting, washing, drying and folding simply don’t make the top ten list of stuff we love to do? Or, because our laundry room is the least luxurious area in our home? If your laundry room has you feeling all washed up, it may be time to consider putting a new spin on it with a total laundry room transformation…

Five Tips to Help You Design Your Home Office

With more and more people in San Antonio working from home, a home office has become more of a necessity than a luxury. If you’re looking to redesign a room in your home into a home office, then you’ll want it to be as functional and aesthetic as possible. This will ensure that while the space will be in your home, it will still be conducive for productivity. Below are just a few interior design ideas you can apply to attain your much-needed efficient home office: 1. Choose the right window coverings. It’s almost impossible to focus on your work when there are frequent distractions from outside or interruptions from noise…

Easy Tips to Warm Your Home’s Welcome for the Holiday Season

Nothing brings loved ones and friends together like the holiday season. If you are like many families, this is the time of the year when you have the most guests coming into your home. As a host or hostess, you will definitely want to give them a warm welcome. However bittersweet the end of summer is, autumn comes with an opportunity to get ready for a new look, especially for the upcoming holiday season. Holiday Curb Appeal – Start by taking a good objective look from the street in front of your home. What obvious problems haven’t been resolved? Where is your eye drawn and what is distracting you from a welcoming walk to the front door?…

Make the Most of Your Kitchen Island

Need an additional storage and workspace in your kitchen without spending a lot of money and time with a complete kitchen renovation? A kitchen island is your answer. An efficient kitchen island offers fixes that are ideal for many kitchens – from the smallest condo kitchen to great room kitchens and everything in between. From a movable kitchen island cart to seating area islands, the convenience of having this extra work and storage space in your kitchen can make all the difference….

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